Svith Merchant Organizations

Airship Construction Companies
Hightower Flight Company – The largest company, known for large cargo vessels
Global Skyship Industries – Also large, known also for cargo and personnel carriers
Raven Airships – Smaller, individualized ships. Makes pleasure craft of the super rich, as well as smaller, surgical strike ships for more dangerous work.

Soarwood Importers

Soarwood Workers

Metal Importers

Metal Refineries

Metal Workers

General Supply

General Import/Export

Svith Council Weekly – weekly paper covering new laws and scandalous behavior by council members
Svith Merchant Monthly – Monthly business magazine
Svith Citizen – daily news paper covering all manner of news
Svith Sheets – Mainly print lists of who’s been arrested, sport scores, gambling losses, etc. Any semi official anyone wants to publish, they send to the Svith Sheets. Daily publication.

Rappeller Supply
The Unfrayed Rope, Whisky ave, Brown Spirits, Merchant District

Officially Registered Rappeller Crews

Unofficial Rappeller Crews
Sky Bitches, 12 Bourbon St, Brown Spirits, Merchant District

Pest control
All City Exterminating, Snifter Road, Beer Sq, Merchant District

Svith Merchant Organizations

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