Svith Government

Svith is goverend by an elected council. A chairperson is elected by the council to act as officiant for the council matters of protocol, and has no official extra powers. Unofficially, he or she sets the policy direction for the elected council.

Council members represent their districts, which is traditionally a group of neighborhoods. These constituencies are not set in stone, and indeed often change. Neighborhoods change constituencies all the time, in order to gain influence or benefits under a certain council member.

Council sessions closely resemble bar fights and brawls, except at the end instead of the police showing up and arresting everyone, a new law is passed or defeated. Entire newspapers exist to chronicle the events, and even these experts miss a lot of it.

The council is elected once a year, there is no business allowed and voting is “Mandatory”. Many people care so little that they pay people to vote for them, or sell their votes in such a way. Voting is done via tiles that are distributed in advance, so one may vote multiple times legally this way. Some districts frown on this, some encourage vote buying by more affluent members. One of the few things that is illegal is for a person campaigning to purchase them himself. That doesn’t stop their business interests or their friends and family from doing so.

Brawls often happen at polling places, and they are subject to much interest, humor, and rumor around them.

It is a very odd system to outsiders, but it has worked for the residents of Svith for as long as anyone can remember. It’s corrupt, but that’s the way the residents of Svith like it.

Of particular note: The Svith council sets up various registries for the running of businesses. You must register your business with the appropriate registry and pay the listed tax rates each year.


  • Metal Workers
  • Wood Workers
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Airship Construction
  • Rappeller Crews
  • Pest control
  • Entertainment
  • Food service
  • Alcohol (brewing/distilling)
  • Grocery
  • General Supply
  • Accounting


  • Taxation
  • Finance
  • Registries
  • Vote Management
  • Police

Taxes: There is an established tax rate for each group, and that tax is paid off of gross income. Since so many groups work with others, it seems like the council is often double-dipping, as far as income tax goes, but the rates are really low, so they make it up in aggregate. The downside is that nearly everything requires a permit or registration of some sort.

There is no personal income tax.

Property tax is paid to the tax collector in your council representative district.

Council Members:
Merchant Quarter:
Drunken District: Thinmin Brorun (middle aged dwarf, owner of the Underground Alehouse and Underground Breweries, both of which are in the Drunken Quarter.
Nature District: Modian Flangerod. (Elder human, owner of several properties in the nature ward, which he rents out.

Svith Government

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