Mercenaries of Svith

A nice clean mine

We headed into the mines this morning. Jerry tells us to find the key on the bodies of the last team that went in, if we want to get back out. This guy is not too bright, even for a dwarf.

We started exploring the mine, and we ran into a different type of Darklings, then we have encountered before. Bigger, more of a natural armor to them. Also their claws are strong enough to borrow into rock. We quickly dispatched the first two we ran into. I took some time to study them. These things seem to be spreading, and it is best to know as much as possible. When we finished, I continued to track the human tracks I had found from the entrance.

We found the party, dead of coarse. Their bodies were ravaged. Selene was able to hear the group of Darklings that killed them heading back our way. We quickly set some traps, including Origin using the bodies of the dead, doused with oil to set a fire trap. His lack of respect for the dead doesn’t surprise me. Three more Darklings are dead. Time to back track and see what we find.

Following a cavern south, we encountered some creatures, I can only describe as oozes. I studied what was left of them, after we defeated them. From what I can tell, my arrows did hurt it, though they dissolved inside it. Mizugami seemed to hurt it as well, drawing water out of their bodies. Merritos did not have much luck trying to freeze them, but those arcane darts he seems to shoot, did affect it.

Traveling some more, we came upon a room full of Darkling eggs. A large Darkling, presumably the momma, attacked. During the battle, the eggs started to hatch. I’m not sure what Mizugami did, but he waved his arms and a few Darklingsincluding the big one, fell over dead. Eggs also exploded. It was quite a sight to behold.

We didn’t run into much on the way out. Just some rats, and some bigger ones. We found some “supplies” we were able to procure. We got back to the Wright brothers, and rapped up our business. Lord Gunter will have his shipments resuming, and we now how ours. After a few rounds in the bar to celebrate tonight, we’ll get some sleep and head back to Svith in the morning.



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