Mercenaries of Svith


It appears the mage has a ship he must meet up with. He was part of a search team looking for a crashed Airship. We shall go with him and see if we can get dropped off at the mines.

As we traveled, we came upon a small encampment, and of all things to run into now….Lycans. Fortunately these were affected lycans, and were dispatched. We found a statue to their foul god in the back of the building and I had that big oaf Origin smash it. I got into a brief argument with the group, as they gave me a hard time tracking down the rest. They were more concerned with our contract, the fools if only they knew…

I decide to just walk away from the group, I’ll deal with the lycans myself. They ended up following me however. I tracked them to a clearing where, to my horror and I’m sure Selene’s as well, the trees were withered, the grass gone. This place was foul and corrupt. It was also home to Darklings. As we had the surprise on them, we easily took them down. As we went to examine the big hole in the middle of the clearing, there was a rumbling and the ground was shaking. We quickly backed off and hid. The largest Darkling we have seen to date, busted out of the hole. It appeared to be a matriarch, and we wisely decided to back off. I’ve lost the trail of the lycans, so we’ll head back to the bodies to search for clues.



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