Mercenaries of Svith

Let's make a deal

We left the lycan camp after awhile, there was no more information to dig up. We decided to head for the airship. Along the way we encountered a pack of wolves fighting some Darklings. We decided to pass them by and continue on our way. This area seems to have a bad infestation of both Darklings and lycans. I wonder why. We came to the pickup point and found the ship. Some of the crew were battling more lycans. They saw us and took off leaving us to battle the lycans. Bastards. We quickly dispatched the lycans and were able to board the ship. They agreed to drop us off in Triachaw.

We arrived and went to met up with Jerry and Jonny Wright. They seem friendly although not too bright. It appears they have a Darkling problem in their mines and production has come to a halt. Poor guys, they should hire someone to help them. Lord Gunter has hired us to make sure no matter what the shipments resume, however I felt the dwarves did not need to know that. I was able to make this lucrative for us, in return for clearing their problem, which we would have had to do anyway to make Lord Gunter happy, they would ship us five tons of iron and five hundred pounds of raw gems a month for two years.
The group went to a local tavern to question some miners for information about the Darkling problem. Both Mizugami and myself decided to pass and rest up for the up coming battle. We know it won’t be easy.



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