Mercenaries of Svith

Ancient legends come true.

As I right this, we are recovering from a long start. Our mission has gone wrong from the start.
It started with a mutiny on the airship. The crew went crazy saying there was a Dragon in the area. A Dragon, what nonsense. In all my travels over the coarse of a cen. I must watch what I write for fear of someone reading this. Over the years under the mist, I have traveled far, and never seen anything to indicate that the old legends are true. Over such nonsense we were forced to try to restrain the crew.

I still do not believe what happened next. Many hours have passed now, the group is asleep and I am on watch. I am relaxed sitting in a tree with a good vantage point. It is calm, and were it not for the mist, I’m sure it would be a beautiful night under the moon. Yet I still shutter at what I saw. As we fought the crew, we heard a roar, such as never had been heard before. On the starboard side of the ship, we ran and there it was. A Dragon, scales as red as fire, flying towards us. They exist, I saw it, I still don’t believe it, but there it was. I quickly regained my senses and notched a arrow. I drew back and looked the dragon right in its eyes. Then something happened, that I do not know why and has never happened to me in my life time. Fear came over me. I was terrified looking at this great beast. My shot was by far the worse I have ever taken. Such a grand beast and yet I missed. I had no idea what the rest of the group or crew were doing, I was frozen in place with terror. After a few minutes the fear washed away, gone as quickly as it came. I heard the captain yelling for everyone to jump off the ship. I quickly grabbed a, what did he call it, a parachute? Anyway I grabbed it and I leaped off the ship just as the dragon consumed it in flames. Now I had to focus on what was below me as I fell.

I have no idea what happened to the Dragon once we jumped, I had no time to. We landed into a nest of a creatures Selene calls Darklings. We have dealt with these creatures once before, but I know not what they are. I do know they are not natural and look to be perhaps demonic. Selene seems to know somewhat about it. I must pick her mind another time. As I landed I immediately noticed the good captain hanging upside down from a tree, and a Darkling about to eat his face. Luck was on his side, for never has my arrow flown truer. I saw the group land one by one, but now we were surrounded by these fowl beasts. During the fight, we encountered a mage in trouble, fending of some Darklings himself. The battle was short and we were not much worse for the wear. We will rest now and find out more about this mage.



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