Mercenaries of Svith

It is done...

We received a message from Lord Gunter, wanting to hire out a merc group. I have dealt with him before, through Thaine. He is a man of his word and more importantly he pays generously. I have reluctantly decide to join the group. In the long run I think it will pay off. I just have to be careful how I handle things with them around. I will handle the operation of the actual business side, since I have all the contacts, from my dealings with Thaine. Most either respect me or fear me. Works fine either way. I’ll take Selene and Mizugami with me to meet him.

Well we accepted our first contract. Lord Gunter wants us to go see why he stopped receiving shipments from a dwarf mine. I’d say simple enough, but I know better. We’ve taken over Thaine’s building and will be living here and conducting business out of here. Going to get a good nights sleep.

Well were set to go. Lord Gunter sent over some guys to watch our place while we’re gone. He sent over Oskar l, glad to see him. I’ve fought side by side with him a few times and know he can be trusted.
Time to earn some gold….



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