Mercenaries of Svith

I may regret this...

Word spreads fast in Svith, even news from under the mist. By the time we reached Thaine’s office, it was already ransacked. We did catch one noble with his goons trying to open a chest Thaine had in the back, but after easily dispatching his muscle he quickly decided to leave. I wonder what is in that chest, Thaine had it magically sealed. Though I generally lack a sense of humor these days, even I was amused at the poor rogue trying to open it all night.

The group has decided to team up permanently and be on their own. They asked me to join with them. Having no employment as of now, I am unsure of what to do. I am weary of this group, they may interfere with my long term mission. I am not sure they have what it takes to be one of us, deep down not have what it takes to get the job done.

I like Llane, he amuses me. The poor little guy always seems to have a mishap at the worst time. I can see him as the poor guy in a outhouse when a purpleworm decides to pop out.Oh how I chuckle now picturing that. He is green, but I see potential in him. Once he builds up some confidence and learns to pop around with his daggers, instead of hiding behind me shooting a crossbow, he can indeed be deadly.
I am torn on my feelings towards Selene Wayfinder. We share a love of nature, and I have much respect for druids. However her morals may interfere with my style, I guess only time will tell how things pan out between us. Maybe she can be swayed to our ways.
Mizugami makes me nervous. He may be even more mysterious than me. He doesn’t say much, just seems to sit back and watch and plot what will happen. It is not this behavior that I am worried about though, it is his ties to the mist. He seems to be able to draw from it, manipulate it and bend it to his will. I know of no God of the mist, and now question if a god or gods put this mist on or world. However he will rush in to aid fallen allies and has no qualms of getting right up there in battle, if not anything he has earned some respect.
I must keep my eyes on this oath Origin. Him I do not care much for and we have already come face to face more than once. His mistrust of me, and rightfully so, will be a issue. He is arrogant and over confident and that will cost him dearly one day. However since he likes to charge head first into any foe, I find it useful. It allows me to do my thing more easily from a distance.

I must decide what to do. I can easily find employment elsewhere. How many contractors tried to lure me from Thaine for years. But being on my own answering to nobody may be a bigger boon to my life long mission. I must sleep on this.



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