Mercenaries of Svith

So it begins

It all started with one of the worse days in my life. Went out with Thaine again, we had to recover a book that was stolen from him. A dark book, full of evil. He hired a group to accompany us. This has me nervous. I have my suspicions on who took the book, and I’m not confident that this group can handle it. I hope that I am wrong, but I fear I am not. We leave at first light, I’ll need plenty of rest for this. I’ll continue with a recap when we are finished with this mission.

Well I was right, the mission was a disaster. The book was stolen by Azule “The mad”. He ended up capturing that lycan we were looking for, hoping to control it. The cocky rogue attempted to subdue him, and ended up giving him a chance to free the lycan. Thaine rushed in with out thought to kill it. I was too far to help, I wish those silver tipped arrows I ordered were ready in time for this. Thaine got himself infected. This group had never seen a lycan before and were not prepared. I warned Thaine what would happen if anyone was infected, and as promised I beheaded him before the change could take effect. Thankfully this was a affected a lycan and not a true one. The barbarian was able to kill it with Thaine’s sword. This guy is reckless, just loves to charge in without knowing his enemy. I have a strong feeling he will regret it one day. Well we are back in Svith, now I have to figure out what to do without Thaine.



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