Airship Technology

An airship is a ship produced by one of the several airship construction houses in Svith that is able to fly. They use materials from all over the world, but primarily important in the construction is Soarwood and a means of levitation.

How do they work?
Airships run on magic. The weight of the hull is reduced by being made of Soarwood. The soarwood is alchemically treated to be stronger while being lighter than normal wood.

Levitation can be achieved by several means:

  • a wizard channeling a levitation spell
  • a bound air elemental
  • repulsion spell, which is only temporary, but unnecessary to have a wizard channel. Most often used in very small craft.

Horizontal propellers are used for stabilization, and vertical ones for drive.

While some components are expensive, in the overall scheme, airships are a necessary part of the Svith merchant industry.

Airship Building Companies
Hightower Flight Company – The largest company, known for large cargo vessels
Global Skyship Industries – Also large, known also for cargo and personnell carriers
Raven Airships – Smaller, individualized ships. Makes pleasure craft of the super rich, as well as smaller, surgical strike ships for more dangerous work.

Airship Technology

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