Mercenaries of Svith

The Libarian

We ran into some rust monsters, on our way back to the stairs, and quickly dispatched them. Found some hidden chests too. After hiking back through the temple, we found the last pack of Lycans. Selene conjured forth a moonbeam and made quick work of them. Unfortunately our careless mage had cast a spell that rocked the foundation of the temple, which caused a cave in of the entrance of the mine. Guess that’s the dwarves problem now.
Exploring a bit more of the temple, we found a second level with a rather large surprise. It appears that a thousand years ago, the cult placed a library here in the keep. They also placed a minotaur to guard it, that was still very much alive. He set forth a challenge to us, making us fight him at a disadvantage. It was not a easy battle, but we prevailed. This gained us access to the books. We had a bit of a disagreement about what to do with them. Some wanted to take them all, but these books server the group no purpose and the value of them is not worth the trouble of moving them all. Hopefully I convinced them to leave them. That also rapped up another successful job. We’ll head back to report to Lord Gunter and collect our promised fee.

Infested Mine

We took on the job of clearing a mine for Lord Gunter and the Wright brothers.
Pay was generous and should be easy enough. We leave at first light.

Well as usual, things are not so simple. We arrived near the mine site, and started in the remain of a small village. Well what was left of it. Lycans have seem to move in here. There weren’t many and we dispatched them easily, but I do not like the signs we are seeing here. It appears they we doing some sort of rituals, or testing on subject bought in from outside of here. I fear I know what we stumbled on here. Judging by the tracks I found, and the bodies around, they saw our airship coming, and quickly fled. They split into several groups. We decided to track the largest, which ran in the direction we needed to head anyway.

We came upon a large temple, which we believe housed the entrance to the mine. Do to the dust in this place, I was easily able to track the Lycans. It appears that this place is heavily trapped, Llane will have his work cut out for him. They tracks split in a hallway. Five seemed to have broke off from the main group, which appears to have gone down to the level below. We left Selene to watch the stairs, while we scouted ahead for the smaller group.
After traveling through many hallways, we found the group. Llane and Origin ran back to get Selene and the three encountered a gargoyle. After a short fight, they were able to catch back up to Mizugami and myself. We got the jump on the lycans and decided to take a short rest before heading down the stairs to find the rest. I shall continue as we find more….

A returning pest problem

Well after a bit of trouble with customs, we managed to get a ride from friend back to Svith. We rapped up our contract with Lord Gunter, and I am happy to see our warehouse has been redone.
I was sitting in the office going over applications, when a brick came flying through a window. It seems Lord Adonis didn’t learn his lesson the first time. He failed to get the jump on us with his hired goons, and well, he won’t be bothering us anymore. Going to take a run over to his place to see what we can get.

We dispatched the last of his cronies, and covered our tracks. We were able to get quite a bit of good to sell off, plus a fair share of gold and cut gems. Business is very cutthroat, literally.

We sent Selene over to the university. They were asking about anyone who encountered Darklings for information. They are paying well for specimens. We’re also going to look into another contract for Lord Gunter involving the Wright brothers.

A nice clean mine

We headed into the mines this morning. Jerry tells us to find the key on the bodies of the last team that went in, if we want to get back out. This guy is not too bright, even for a dwarf.

We started exploring the mine, and we ran into a different type of Darklings, then we have encountered before. Bigger, more of a natural armor to them. Also their claws are strong enough to borrow into rock. We quickly dispatched the first two we ran into. I took some time to study them. These things seem to be spreading, and it is best to know as much as possible. When we finished, I continued to track the human tracks I had found from the entrance.

We found the party, dead of coarse. Their bodies were ravaged. Selene was able to hear the group of Darklings that killed them heading back our way. We quickly set some traps, including Origin using the bodies of the dead, doused with oil to set a fire trap. His lack of respect for the dead doesn’t surprise me. Three more Darklings are dead. Time to back track and see what we find.

Following a cavern south, we encountered some creatures, I can only describe as oozes. I studied what was left of them, after we defeated them. From what I can tell, my arrows did hurt it, though they dissolved inside it. Mizugami seemed to hurt it as well, drawing water out of their bodies. Merritos did not have much luck trying to freeze them, but those arcane darts he seems to shoot, did affect it.

Traveling some more, we came upon a room full of Darkling eggs. A large Darkling, presumably the momma, attacked. During the battle, the eggs started to hatch. I’m not sure what Mizugami did, but he waved his arms and a few Darklingsincluding the big one, fell over dead. Eggs also exploded. It was quite a sight to behold.

We didn’t run into much on the way out. Just some rats, and some bigger ones. We found some “supplies” we were able to procure. We got back to the Wright brothers, and rapped up our business. Lord Gunter will have his shipments resuming, and we now how ours. After a few rounds in the bar to celebrate tonight, we’ll get some sleep and head back to Svith in the morning.

Let's make a deal

We left the lycan camp after awhile, there was no more information to dig up. We decided to head for the airship. Along the way we encountered a pack of wolves fighting some Darklings. We decided to pass them by and continue on our way. This area seems to have a bad infestation of both Darklings and lycans. I wonder why. We came to the pickup point and found the ship. Some of the crew were battling more lycans. They saw us and took off leaving us to battle the lycans. Bastards. We quickly dispatched the lycans and were able to board the ship. They agreed to drop us off in Triachaw.

We arrived and went to met up with Jerry and Jonny Wright. They seem friendly although not too bright. It appears they have a Darkling problem in their mines and production has come to a halt. Poor guys, they should hire someone to help them. Lord Gunter has hired us to make sure no matter what the shipments resume, however I felt the dwarves did not need to know that. I was able to make this lucrative for us, in return for clearing their problem, which we would have had to do anyway to make Lord Gunter happy, they would ship us five tons of iron and five hundred pounds of raw gems a month for two years.
The group went to a local tavern to question some miners for information about the Darkling problem. Both Mizugami and myself decided to pass and rest up for the up coming battle. We know it won’t be easy.


It appears the mage has a ship he must meet up with. He was part of a search team looking for a crashed Airship. We shall go with him and see if we can get dropped off at the mines.

As we traveled, we came upon a small encampment, and of all things to run into now….Lycans. Fortunately these were affected lycans, and were dispatched. We found a statue to their foul god in the back of the building and I had that big oaf Origin smash it. I got into a brief argument with the group, as they gave me a hard time tracking down the rest. They were more concerned with our contract, the fools if only they knew…

I decide to just walk away from the group, I’ll deal with the lycans myself. They ended up following me however. I tracked them to a clearing where, to my horror and I’m sure Selene’s as well, the trees were withered, the grass gone. This place was foul and corrupt. It was also home to Darklings. As we had the surprise on them, we easily took them down. As we went to examine the big hole in the middle of the clearing, there was a rumbling and the ground was shaking. We quickly backed off and hid. The largest Darkling we have seen to date, busted out of the hole. It appeared to be a matriarch, and we wisely decided to back off. I’ve lost the trail of the lycans, so we’ll head back to the bodies to search for clues.

Ancient legends come true.

As I right this, we are recovering from a long start. Our mission has gone wrong from the start.
It started with a mutiny on the airship. The crew went crazy saying there was a Dragon in the area. A Dragon, what nonsense. In all my travels over the coarse of a cen. I must watch what I write for fear of someone reading this. Over the years under the mist, I have traveled far, and never seen anything to indicate that the old legends are true. Over such nonsense we were forced to try to restrain the crew.

I still do not believe what happened next. Many hours have passed now, the group is asleep and I am on watch. I am relaxed sitting in a tree with a good vantage point. It is calm, and were it not for the mist, I’m sure it would be a beautiful night under the moon. Yet I still shutter at what I saw. As we fought the crew, we heard a roar, such as never had been heard before. On the starboard side of the ship, we ran and there it was. A Dragon, scales as red as fire, flying towards us. They exist, I saw it, I still don’t believe it, but there it was. I quickly regained my senses and notched a arrow. I drew back and looked the dragon right in its eyes. Then something happened, that I do not know why and has never happened to me in my life time. Fear came over me. I was terrified looking at this great beast. My shot was by far the worse I have ever taken. Such a grand beast and yet I missed. I had no idea what the rest of the group or crew were doing, I was frozen in place with terror. After a few minutes the fear washed away, gone as quickly as it came. I heard the captain yelling for everyone to jump off the ship. I quickly grabbed a, what did he call it, a parachute? Anyway I grabbed it and I leaped off the ship just as the dragon consumed it in flames. Now I had to focus on what was below me as I fell.

I have no idea what happened to the Dragon once we jumped, I had no time to. We landed into a nest of a creatures Selene calls Darklings. We have dealt with these creatures once before, but I know not what they are. I do know they are not natural and look to be perhaps demonic. Selene seems to know somewhat about it. I must pick her mind another time. As I landed I immediately noticed the good captain hanging upside down from a tree, and a Darkling about to eat his face. Luck was on his side, for never has my arrow flown truer. I saw the group land one by one, but now we were surrounded by these fowl beasts. During the fight, we encountered a mage in trouble, fending of some Darklings himself. The battle was short and we were not much worse for the wear. We will rest now and find out more about this mage.

It is done...

We received a message from Lord Gunter, wanting to hire out a merc group. I have dealt with him before, through Thaine. He is a man of his word and more importantly he pays generously. I have reluctantly decide to join the group. In the long run I think it will pay off. I just have to be careful how I handle things with them around. I will handle the operation of the actual business side, since I have all the contacts, from my dealings with Thaine. Most either respect me or fear me. Works fine either way. I’ll take Selene and Mizugami with me to meet him.

Well we accepted our first contract. Lord Gunter wants us to go see why he stopped receiving shipments from a dwarf mine. I’d say simple enough, but I know better. We’ve taken over Thaine’s building and will be living here and conducting business out of here. Going to get a good nights sleep.

Well were set to go. Lord Gunter sent over some guys to watch our place while we’re gone. He sent over Oskar l, glad to see him. I’ve fought side by side with him a few times and know he can be trusted.
Time to earn some gold….

I may regret this...

Word spreads fast in Svith, even news from under the mist. By the time we reached Thaine’s office, it was already ransacked. We did catch one noble with his goons trying to open a chest Thaine had in the back, but after easily dispatching his muscle he quickly decided to leave. I wonder what is in that chest, Thaine had it magically sealed. Though I generally lack a sense of humor these days, even I was amused at the poor rogue trying to open it all night.

The group has decided to team up permanently and be on their own. They asked me to join with them. Having no employment as of now, I am unsure of what to do. I am weary of this group, they may interfere with my long term mission. I am not sure they have what it takes to be one of us, deep down not have what it takes to get the job done.

I like Llane, he amuses me. The poor little guy always seems to have a mishap at the worst time. I can see him as the poor guy in a outhouse when a purpleworm decides to pop out.Oh how I chuckle now picturing that. He is green, but I see potential in him. Once he builds up some confidence and learns to pop around with his daggers, instead of hiding behind me shooting a crossbow, he can indeed be deadly.
I am torn on my feelings towards Selene Wayfinder. We share a love of nature, and I have much respect for druids. However her morals may interfere with my style, I guess only time will tell how things pan out between us. Maybe she can be swayed to our ways.
Mizugami makes me nervous. He may be even more mysterious than me. He doesn’t say much, just seems to sit back and watch and plot what will happen. It is not this behavior that I am worried about though, it is his ties to the mist. He seems to be able to draw from it, manipulate it and bend it to his will. I know of no God of the mist, and now question if a god or gods put this mist on or world. However he will rush in to aid fallen allies and has no qualms of getting right up there in battle, if not anything he has earned some respect.
I must keep my eyes on this oath Origin. Him I do not care much for and we have already come face to face more than once. His mistrust of me, and rightfully so, will be a issue. He is arrogant and over confident and that will cost him dearly one day. However since he likes to charge head first into any foe, I find it useful. It allows me to do my thing more easily from a distance.

I must decide what to do. I can easily find employment elsewhere. How many contractors tried to lure me from Thaine for years. But being on my own answering to nobody may be a bigger boon to my life long mission. I must sleep on this.

So it begins

It all started with one of the worse days in my life. Went out with Thaine again, we had to recover a book that was stolen from him. A dark book, full of evil. He hired a group to accompany us. This has me nervous. I have my suspicions on who took the book, and I’m not confident that this group can handle it. I hope that I am wrong, but I fear I am not. We leave at first light, I’ll need plenty of rest for this. I’ll continue with a recap when we are finished with this mission.

Well I was right, the mission was a disaster. The book was stolen by Azule “The mad”. He ended up capturing that lycan we were looking for, hoping to control it. The cocky rogue attempted to subdue him, and ended up giving him a chance to free the lycan. Thaine rushed in with out thought to kill it. I was too far to help, I wish those silver tipped arrows I ordered were ready in time for this. Thaine got himself infected. This group had never seen a lycan before and were not prepared. I warned Thaine what would happen if anyone was infected, and as promised I beheaded him before the change could take effect. Thankfully this was a affected a lycan and not a true one. The barbarian was able to kill it with Thaine’s sword. This guy is reckless, just loves to charge in without knowing his enemy. I have a strong feeling he will regret it one day. Well we are back in Svith, now I have to figure out what to do without Thaine.


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