Human Ranger


Appearance: Shad is average height and build for a human. He has long black hair that he wears wildly. He has a trimmed beard and mustache. His skin is pale, most likely from his years under the mist. He is dressed in old worn leather armor, with a beat up old cloak. He has a elegant looking longbow and always carries a exquisite scimitar which appears to be made of silver.

Behavior: Shad is quiet, and tends to keep to himself when not leading a group through the mist. He has been guiding groups for decades and knowledgeable of a lot of areas under the mist. He is surprisingly agile for someone of his stature and excellent shot with his bow. He is a avid hunter, and usually makes it a point to keep some sort of trophy from exceptional specimens.

History: For over thirty years, Shad has been guiding rappler crews under the mist. He knows a great deal of the forests under the mist and where a few ruins are. He can live off the land, and is familiar with a great deal of the creatures down there. He is one of the most sought out guides out of Svith. Shad’s affiliation with the group comes from the group hiring him a few times, when going into the mist.


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