Human Barbarian


Name: Origin
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Background: Solider
Specialty: Defender

Align: Chaotic Neutral Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Height: 6’ 4” Weight: 250 LBS
Gender: Male Age: 23


“Origin, was that my birth name… probably not. Was I a Thom, Max or Samual? What would those bastards have called me…”

The heavy glass mug smashing on the tavern wall behind me, showering me in piercing shards, brought me back to the now. What is now… now is a fight! What set these events into motion?! Through the ale haze I try to to think back. As I get to my feet I vaguely remember slapping some pretty young woman on the ass. There she is, shes standing on the bar trying to choke that guy with his own bow string! I guess it was nice that he tried to defend my actions, but he is clearly more drunk that I am. If Papa taught me anything, it was to hold my booze! I bend over the table and puke

The tavern tables were being turned to splinters around me. The churning mass of sweaty bodies were destroying this place… time to go! As I headed out the door my way was blocked. Hmmm, I think I remember these guys being upset that I slapped that woman’s ass.

“All go together, we will take that big bastard down! Goooooooo!”

They made a dive for me, but they were slow. Even in my drunken stupor they were no match for me. A nearby chair became a weapon. As it came to pieces against the side of the first combatants head, I laughed to myself. “Now I had 2 weapons!” As I stepped over the battered bodies and through the teeming crowd at the door, the little fellow who tried to defend my actions rushed passed me, bow in hand.

“Look at that little turd thinking hes tough and can hold his ale like me….” Puke

“Origin, was that my birth name…. ugh, probably not.” I thought to myself.

Waking up in the alley wasn’t glorious. I had left the Covan mines because I wanted more. Was this more? Is this living up to the standards that my papa taught me? Just because my birth parents were filthy bastards, doesn’t mean I need to act like that as soon as I leave the mines. What am I becoming in this cesspool of a city? Svith is not all I thought it would be, It may be time to get out of here before I kill someone in these tavern fights that just seem to erupt around me.


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