Child First Name: Alexandros
Adult First Name: Merritos
Family Name: Ilsafanyaris (Silversky)
Race: Elf
Subrace: High Elf
Class: Wizard
Tradition of Wizardry: School of Evocation
Align: Chaotic Neutral
Languages: Elvish, Common, and Dwarvish
Cantrips: Ray of Frost, Mage Armor, and Read Magic
Age: 461 years old
Height: 6 feet and 1 inch
Weight: 142 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark, shoulder-length, not tied or constrained with anything, held back from falling into eyes by a black headband.


Vesatia – City of the Elves, it has spread far and wide in the North-Eastern part of the realm. Throughout millennia, the lush and prosperous ancient city has been more or less split into two main parts: the Lower City and the Upper City. The Lower Vesatia is mainly occupied by the Wood Elves of the realm while the Upper Vesatia is the home to the High Elves.

The Upper City is located on a highland plateau, a few hundred meters above the Lower Vesatia. The High Elves live there in a fairly civilized society: most live in houses and built structures. The Lower Vesatia is mostly covered with lush forests where the Wood Elves exist and peacefully go about their business.

There is almost no tension between the two factions of the elves (except for an occasional brawl); however, the High Elves secretly think of themselves as more civilized and sophisticated than their Wood cousins. Throughout the history of Iresh, there had been quite a few minor conflicts between the two factions, but never a war or even a rebellion. And, the resulted division of Vesatia into the Upper and Lower City happened just because the High and the Wood Elves preferred a different surrounding and life style.

The High Elves are more industrious than their cousins. The Wood Elves, on the other hand, are more acquainted with nature and sometimes critique their High Elven cousins for forgetting the old ways. The main industry in Vesatia is the magical Soarwood harvesting that is used to build airships to travel between civilized regions of Iresh. Both High and Wood Elves acquire the Soarwood outside of Vesatia and then sell it for profit.

There are many crafts, professions, and occupations in Vesatia. Among other professions, Vesatia is well known for its great schools of wizardry. Many a wizard was educated in some of the finest arcane schools of magic in the realm. Among them, was a wizard named Merritos Ilsafanyaris. In the common tongue, Ilsafanyaris means Silver Sky.

A wizard of fair talent, Merritos grew up in the Upper City. His father was also a wizard, and his mother was a druid. From the young age of 23, Merritos started studying arts of the arcane. At the age of 102, Wizard Ilsafanyaris finished his studies and became an adept master of Evocation school of magic. Merritos has an easy-going personality, great sense of humor, and a thirst for arcane knowledge. Loyal to his people, Merritos took up the industry of the Soarwood harvesting and resale. For numerous decades he would accompany the harvesting rappeler crews outside of the city, beneath the clouds, and protect them against creatures of the dark that lurked around. Many a foe fell before the spells of the powerful wizard.

Fairly recently, Wizard Ilsafanyaris has joined the party; he had seen an advertisement that the party was looking for a wizard that would begin working with them part-time. He has grown tired of Soarwood harvesting after all those years and sought adventure that could bring him and his family riches and fame. Merritos was satisfied that the new job was not going to occupy all his time as he would like to often visit his family and friends at home. Also, he did not want to quit his old job of protecting rappeler crews completely. Although he likes the party, he does not trust them completely.

Now being a wand/staff for hire, Wizard Merritos Ilsafanyaris is looking forward to his adventures with the party, acquiring riches of the forgotten lands below the clouds of Iresh, and new business and industrial opportunities.


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