Mercenaries of Svith

Infested Mine

We took on the job of clearing a mine for Lord Gunter and the Wright brothers.
Pay was generous and should be easy enough. We leave at first light.

Well as usual, things are not so simple. We arrived near the mine site, and started in the remain of a small village. Well what was left of it. Lycans have seem to move in here. There weren’t many and we dispatched them easily, but I do not like the signs we are seeing here. It appears they we doing some sort of rituals, or testing on subject bought in from outside of here. I fear I know what we stumbled on here. Judging by the tracks I found, and the bodies around, they saw our airship coming, and quickly fled. They split into several groups. We decided to track the largest, which ran in the direction we needed to head anyway.

We came upon a large temple, which we believe housed the entrance to the mine. Do to the dust in this place, I was easily able to track the Lycans. It appears that this place is heavily trapped, Llane will have his work cut out for him. They tracks split in a hallway. Five seemed to have broke off from the main group, which appears to have gone down to the level below. We left Selene to watch the stairs, while we scouted ahead for the smaller group.
After traveling through many hallways, we found the group. Llane and Origin ran back to get Selene and the three encountered a gargoyle. After a short fight, they were able to catch back up to Mizugami and myself. We got the jump on the lycans and decided to take a short rest before heading down the stairs to find the rest. I shall continue as we find more….



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