Mercenaries of Svith

A returning pest problem

Well after a bit of trouble with customs, we managed to get a ride from friend back to Svith. We rapped up our contract with Lord Gunter, and I am happy to see our warehouse has been redone.
I was sitting in the office going over applications, when a brick came flying through a window. It seems Lord Adonis didn’t learn his lesson the first time. He failed to get the jump on us with his hired goons, and well, he won’t be bothering us anymore. Going to take a run over to his place to see what we can get.

We dispatched the last of his cronies, and covered our tracks. We were able to get quite a bit of good to sell off, plus a fair share of gold and cut gems. Business is very cutthroat, literally.

We sent Selene over to the university. They were asking about anyone who encountered Darklings for information. They are paying well for specimens. We’re also going to look into another contract for Lord Gunter involving the Wright brothers.



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