Mercenaries of Svith

The Libarian

We ran into some rust monsters, on our way back to the stairs, and quickly dispatched them. Found some hidden chests too. After hiking back through the temple, we found the last pack of Lycans. Selene conjured forth a moonbeam and made quick work of them. Unfortunately our careless mage had cast a spell that rocked the foundation of the temple, which caused a cave in of the entrance of the mine. Guess that’s the dwarves problem now.
Exploring a bit more of the temple, we found a second level with a rather large surprise. It appears that a thousand years ago, the cult placed a library here in the keep. They also placed a minotaur to guard it, that was still very much alive. He set forth a challenge to us, making us fight him at a disadvantage. It was not a easy battle, but we prevailed. This gained us access to the books. We had a bit of a disagreement about what to do with them. Some wanted to take them all, but these books server the group no purpose and the value of them is not worth the trouble of moving them all. Hopefully I convinced them to leave them. That also rapped up another successful job. We’ll head back to report to Lord Gunter and collect our promised fee.



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